Certification Marks

As a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body, QMS issues certificates upon a client’s successful completion of certification audits. We also issue an “Approved Company Mark” to certified clients, which can be used for marketing and promoting the fact that your organisation is certified. These can provide tremendous marketing value to any organisation, and validates your certification.

There are rules regarding the use of certification “marks” and logos, our name and logo, and the use of the JAS-ANZ name and logo.

QMS provide a comprehensive guideline to certified clients regarding the use of marks and logos. In general, an organisation must have written permission from QMS for the use of our certification marks and associated logos. This permission is inherent in the issuing of a certificate to an organisation, and approved certification marks and logos are provided upon request.

Please note that there are strict rules covering the use and modification of approved certification marks and logos.