What are the first three new clauses in the ISO 9001:2015 standard?

When your business is ISO 9001 certified, you’re used to continual improvement – after all, it’s what ISO 9001 is all about. You have to be continually assessing and reflecting, building and improving your business. Otherwise, you aren’t unlocking the true potential and value of your organisation to capture the […]


What is ISO 9001? A Glossary of Terms


The ISO 9001:2015 updates have been launched, and it’s time to prepare your business for the update. Brush up on your ISO 9001 key terms and start getting prepared. These are common terms you can find when researching ISO 9001, and are vital to an organisation’s ability to become ISO […]


How Do ISO Standards Improve the Workplace?


ISO Certification can radically change a business. Your business goes from running ad-hoc with minimum standards and audits in place, to having a management system with flow-on effects for the entire organisation. ISO Certification brings huge benefits to your company. Your products and processes improve, relationships prosper, and your business […]


Is your ISO Certification up for renewal?


So it’s time to get your ISO Certification renewed. There’s some preparation work needed to get your certification renewed, so best to get as much of the legwork done as soon as you can. You can’t let your certification lapse. This gives your direct competitors an advantage. You can’t afford […]


7 industries in need of ISO 9001 certification: Are you on the list?

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ISO 9001 is designed to be dynamic and adaptable. Developing a comprehensive management system can help improve core business function in any industry and can be adapted to suit unique operational environments. ISO 9001 standards are applied to a wide variety of businesses globally The common factor in the implementation of […]