How Do ISO Standards Improve the Workplace?


ISO Certification can radically change a business. Your business goes from running ad-hoc with minimum standards and audits in place, to having a management system with flow-on effects for the entire organisation. ISO Certification brings huge benefits to your company. Your products and processes improve, relationships prosper, and your business […]


What you need to know to secure a government tender proposal


Government agencies often undertake a tender process in order to procure the necessary goods and services required for a wide range of projects. The requirements are outlined in detail, and a request is made for businesses that offer the relevant goods and services to put their best foot forward. Once […]


General managers: What ISO Certification will mean for you


The role of a general manager is diverse and demanding. It requires an extensive, in-depth knowledge of the entire range of business functions, including accounting and finance, human resource management, marketing and product development. Moving into a general manager’s role also requires complete faith in the ability of your staff […]


Is your ISO Certification up for renewal?


So it’s time to get your ISO Certification renewed. There’s some preparation work needed to get your certification renewed, so best to get as much of the legwork done as soon as you can. You can’t let your certification lapse. This gives your direct competitors an advantage. You can’t afford […]