Benefits of working with an Australian Standards or ISO certified company

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What do these labels mean?

The labels above are provided to businesses that have achieved Australian Standards or ISO certification. When a business makes the effort to become certified, it clearly demonstrates the importance of quality within the organisation.

Whilst many businesses will attempt to position themselves as being superior in quality, safety and environmentally, often it is difficult for potential customers to objectively evaluate the difference between clever marketing and a genuine commitment to constantly improving management systems.

Why should I work with an Australian Standards or ISO certified company?

ISO and Australian Standard certification represents more than just a reassurance to you that your minimum expectations will be satisfied. It illustrates to you that the organisation that you are looking to engage with is informed and proactive. They also have a commitment to safety, the environment and quality and in continually striving to improve the way they do business.

ISO and Australian Standards certification means the company:

  • Prides itself in a commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety and environment
  • Delivers products and services on time
  • Takes a performance based approach to business administration
  • Constantly reviews and improves internal processes

Working with an ISO certified organisation provides peace of mind, transparency, trust and ultimately the best results. As an internationally and nationally recognised standards, this can be one of the strongest indicators that the organisation takes quality, safety and environment management seriously.

At QMS, we focus on building close relationships with our clients to ensure they achieve the highest standards of performance within their organisation.

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