Environmental Management Systems Certification


What is an Environmental Management System?

An environmental management system (EMS) is a system containing all the relevant processes and policies around an organisation’s environmental programs. It’s a holistic management approach to identifying and controlling an organisation’s environmental issues. The aim of an environmental management system is to improve a businesses’ environmental performance and ensure compliance with the standard.

Environmental Management standards provide a benchmark upon which a business can measure their existing system against. If there are areas for improvement, the business can take steps to ensure their business is compliant. Once a business has achieved compliance they are able to consistently record their environmental performance, for the benefit of their internal and external stakeholders.

What are the benefits of an Environmental Management Systems certification?

Having an effective environmental management system in place is hugely beneficial to any organisation looking to better manage their environmental impacts.

Implementing an environmental management system indicates a forward-thinking organisation who takes responsibility for their environmental performance. The EMS can be useful for business across a range of industries and can help businesses improve their likelihood to win certain tenders.

A significant benefit of an EMS is the organisation will improve their ongoing performance by reducing waste and being more efficient with their use of resources.

What’s the process of implementing an environmental management system?

The implementation of an EMS is similar to other ISO standards:

  • Create and plan your environmental policy
  • Implement your policy within the business
  • Audit the system and identify any areas of improvement
  • Review and implement the changes to the system
  • Audit again

And so the process goes on. Continual improvement is critical to a successful EMS – after all, what was best practice three years ago may not be in 12 months time.

We offer a free downloadable checklist for you to see whether your business is ready for EMS certification.

What are the different types of environmental management systems certification?

What other standards can you certify?

Our team can also certify your business in quality management and food safety management. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding these other services.

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