NSW WHSMS Guidelines

work-safetyImproving Work Health and Safety

The Work Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5) are designed to assist NSW government agencies operating in a variety of construction and infrastructure projects to conduct operations in the construction industry that:

  • Promotes and implements safe workplace practices and outcomes;
  • Develops a series of standards that form the minimum industry requirements;
  • Encourages a safety systems approach by construction contractors;
  • Grow productivity and efficiency by planning improvements and risk management;
  • Provides assurances to NSW government agencies that work health and safety obligations are being reached.

For contracts that exceed the value of $1 million, the NSW WHSMS Guidelines require an appropriate corporate WHS management system. These systems must comply with Edition 5 of the WHSMS Auditing guidelines.

Government agencies are entitled to accept corporate WHSM systems, if the following is evidenced:

The Corporate WHSMS supplied demonstrates recent compliance with the previous edition (Edition 4 of the guidelines)

An audit report by an independent OHS Auditor (in compliance with the WHSMS and Auditing Guidelines Edition 5) attesting that the Corporate Work Health and Safety Management System: adheres to the documentation specifications of the Work Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5); accounts for all relevant WHS Legislation and other requirements as necessary; and stipulates auditing at regular intervals, at a maximum of three years, by an independent and recognised OHS auditor that is independent of the contractor themselves.