3 ways safety management can benefit your organisation – no matter the size

No matter the business size, structure or hierarchy, organisations can ensure the safety of their employees, contractors and job sites by implementing a safety management system in the workplace.

And why wouldn’t they? There are several benefits to implement a safety management system. We’ll walk you through them below.

1. Your employees will be happier and healthier (and more productive!)

As a manager, there should be nothing better than knowing your staff are healthy and happy.

When staff are happy in their workplace, they are not only more productive but also less likely to leave.

Creating a safe workplace starts with effective processes – something a safety management system can help you create. By becoming a safety management certified workplace, you are demonstrating a commitment to creating a safe work environment for your staff – something your management team should be proud of!

Dedicating time and resources to becoming certified will help you create a safer work environment for your employees, which not only reduces their likelihood of being injured in the workplace but reduces the time they are out of action at work. Maintaining your safety management system often means taking the time to review the workplace’s health and safety standards, which continually enforces how much you value the safety of your employees.

Safety can mean a number of things in a safety management system – it can be physical safety as well as emotional safety. By implementing a safety management system, you can put processes in place to ensure your employee’s mental health needs are being addressed as well.

A 2014 report by PWC found that businesses who invested in mental health saw an increased level of productivity in the workplace.

Increase productivity and happiness in the workplace by adopting a safety-first approach and watch your employee turnover decrease.

2. Your business saves money

We’ve already mentioned the benefit of having safe and happy employees, but did you know this can actually impact your bottom line?

In a 2012-2013 report, the average cost per incident was $5,800. This doesn’t include the other costs attached to claims, which can take significant time and resources from the business. This cost also doesn’t take into account the impact injury claims might have on other staff members, particularly if the injury was traumatic or witnessed by others in your workplace.

A workplace injury can significantly impact workplace productivity and day to day business, which is an incredibly hard cost to measure. By implementing a safety management plan, the downtime associated with a workplace injury is significantly reduced, as everyone is across the policies and procedures within the system.

Compensation and the associated time and costs can be a drain on a business, particularly a small business who relies on staff to complete certain areas of work.

Businesses who actively follow best practice safety management can save money in three ways:

1. Reduce your compensation & claim costs
2.Reduce costs related to dealing with the work injury claim (admin time, taking the injured person to the doctor’s/hospital, cleaning up)
3. Reduce costs associated with sick leave

Did you know it actually costs more to have an employee on sick leave than it does to have them at work?

Reduce costs associated with compensation claims by investing in a comprehensive safety management system today.

3. Your business can win more business and tenders

Securing tenders in the marketplace is more competitive than ever. You need to ensure your business has the edge over the others and can offer something the others can’t.

Most businesses will likely have a safety management system in place – after all, it’s part and parcel if you’re looking to secure government body tenders. However, the certificate and how you practically implement a safety management plan can be two different things.

By implementing a safety management system and demonstrating a proven dedication to the ongoing improvement of the system, you can create a proposal that will prove your commitment to safety.

Winning tenders will help you fast track your business growth and help you generate more business in years to come.

Grow your business by becoming safety certified. Get in touch with our team today for more information on the auditing and certification process.

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