Improve environmental performance with ISO 14001


Australian organisations are feeling increased pressure to improve their environmental performance. Environmental lobbyists and climate change are factors leading the push and demand for safer, more eco-friendly processes in the workplace.

As a result, Governments are creating more environmental regulations and businesses are implementing environmental management systems.

ISO 14001 is an internationally-recognised environmental management system standard adopted by organisations all over Australia. The ISO 14001 certification provides assurance to company management, employees and external stakeholders that the organisation’s environmental impact is being measured and reduced. The assessment covers off the applicable legal requirements of the organisation’s activities. We’ll cover two important aspects of ISO 14001 that all business owners should be aware of:

  • Why companies are getting ISO 14001 certification
  • Two ways ISO 14001 will improve your company’s environmental performance:
    • Environmental legislation
    • Environmental controls

We’ll also cover how QMS can help your business begin its journey to becoming ISO 14001 certified.

Before we can commence on a mission to improve environmental performance, it is essential to understand the foundations of ISO 1400.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is optional for all Australian business, regardless of type, size or nature. The certification helps organisations consider the environmental impacts its products, services or activities have on the natural environment.

Businesses can choose to apply the standard in whole or as part of a systematic approach to improve environmental management within the business. However, a business will not conform to ISO 14001 unless all of the requirements are met and incorporated into the organisation’s environmental management system.

Today, organisations are becoming ISO 14001 certified to gain a competitive advantage by showing consumers the business is mitigating environmental impact. Let’s look at ways organisations are gaining a competitive advantage from becoming ISO 14001 certified.

The reasons why companies are getting ISO 14001 certified

Complying with ISO 14001 standards allows businesses to mitigate environmental impact from operational activities, fulfil related compliance obligations and achieve environmental objectives.

The intended outcomes of complying with ISO 14001 include:

  • Control of environmental aspects and impacts of the organisation
  • Positive brand image of the business
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Customer confidence
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

Technological resources such as the world wide web eases knowledge sharing and empowers consumers with the information and motivation to choose businesses who are environmentally-friendly.

If your business isn’t focusing on better environmental practices then you could be at risk of losing valuable customers. ISO 14001 ensures your company complies with environmental performance laws and standards. The next section focuses on how becoming certified can boost your business’s environmental performance.

Two ways ISO 14001 will improve your company’s environmental performance

Becoming ISO 14001 certified takes time money and resources. As the majority of management decisions are based on an assessment of cost/benefit, it’s important to understand what value this certification will hold.

ISO 14001 certification is beneficial for your business for two main reasons:

  1. Environmental legislation – Does your business comply with all the environmental standards? Before becoming certified, your business will learn all the laws applicable to your industry and take actions to ensure compliance.  By understanding and putting processes in place to comply with legislation you reduce the risk of fines and lawsuits.
  2. Environmental controls – The ISO 14001 certification conveys companies need to implement operational controls to ensure compliance. Thus, creating an effective environmental management system. Examples of operations controls in businesses include; processes and controls for discharging liquids, gaseous effluents, waste and recyclable management.

An ISO 14001 certification can save your business from a potential lawsuit, or heavy government penalties. Here’s how to start the certification process.

QMS can get you ISO 14001 certified

QMS offers training to help you understand exactly what is required from your business to become certified. Our team of professional and experienced auditors can assess your current management system and identify any areas for improvement. Once your business is ready to start the certification process, our team will provide the auditing services.

To get started, download our ISO 14001 one page questionnaire to see if your business is ready to become certified.

Is your organisation ready for ISO 14001?

Improving environmental performance is best achieved through the implementation of an ISO 14001 management system.

Implementing an effective and compliant environmental management system ensures your business acts on the commitment in a sustainable and systematic fashion.

Businesses complying with ISO 14001 reduce the risk of not complying with environmental laws. The certification also helps create a positive brand image both in the eyes of the consumers and stakeholders.

ISO 14001 is an opportunity for all businesses. Begin your certification journey today,

Contact QMS to get your business become ISO 14001 certified. Catering for all Australian businesses, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle & Brisbane

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