How To Choose the Right ISO Certification Provider


Choosing an ISO Certification Provider is like finding your favourite barber or hairdresser.

You need to dedicate a bit of time and investment, but if you get the right one, your life will be so much easier for a long time.

The following tips will help you find the right ISO certification provider and save you a significant amount of time and money in the process.

There are eight things to look for when choosing your ISO Certification Provider:


#1. Reputation

How well recognised is the certification body in question?

Do some research on Google and social media to get a gauge for the reputation of each company. You can’t risk the time and money you spend on a certification provider only to find they have a track record of poor service or an infamous reputation within the industry.

#2. Accreditation

This one’s a simple ask.

Is the ISO certification provider accredited?

You can look this up online. This might seem elementary, but there are some questionable operators around. A little bit of research could save you a significant amount of stress. You can check accreditations here.

#3. Specialisation

Is the provider experienced in your industry?

You don’t want to have to explain your business and how it operates to your service provider.

You need your ISO provider to understand the ins and outs of your business so you can save time on getting them up to speed, and focus on your own development.

#4. Integrated audit

This is a question you’ll have to ask potential service providers. If you are looking at becoming ISO 9001 certified as well as ISO 14001 certified, you can ask for an integrated audit. Both systems will be audited at the same time, saving you some precious cash.

#5. Results oriented

Does your ISO Certification Provider genuinely care about you achieving the best possible result? Ask them about the best ways to achieve quality management goals and work with them to create the success your business needs.

Ask to see case studies, or for real-life stories of how they’ve actively achieved positive results for their clients.

#6. Customised services + support

There’s nothing worse than investing a load of time and money into a certification provider that doesn’t follow through.

Ask potential providers about their customisation options and determine their level of flexibility. The kind of industry you work in will affect the level of support or services you require, so take the time and see what each ISO certification provider can offer your business.

#7. Cultural fit

This is an often-overlooked aspect of your decision. This may not be a strict requirement for your business – it will certainly help though.

When talking to potential certification providers, try to develop a conversation to give you a good understanding of their personality, the way they communicate and how they educate.

Your business will be much better off working with a provider that understands you and your business – the right cultural fit will make the partnership much more effective.

#8. Location + Staffing

Is the certification provider a small, customer service focussed organisation, or a larger business with a huge team?

Are they located near your business, or are do they work online with a virtual office setup?

If you run a smaller operation, you might prefer a boutique service with a better commitment to customer service. Other businesses may place more emphasis on a cheaper option, or a faster certification process.

These may seem like silly questions, but when picking a certification provider you need to carefully consider your partnership. Especially when it comes to quality management.

After all, these people will be working with your business to achieve effective quality management systems. If their communication and support are substandard, or they can’t speak to you in person, this may prevent your business from achieving your quality management goals.

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Image Source: Pexels