The plan for ISO certification by 2020


ISO certificationISO is an independent, non-governmental organisation that sets the international standards for organisations to meet and exceed.

In a previous blog post we explained the benefits of having ISO certification and the fact that the certification demonstrates that your organisation strives for a high level of quality.

ISO has recently released the ISO Strategy 2016-2020 to guide the organisation in its decisions over the next five years. As stated in the plan itself –

“In particular, the Strategy will help the organization respond to a future where :

  • Technological, economic, legal, environmental, social and political challenges will require examination and continual improvement of the ISO system
  • Stakeholder engagement and the challenges to ISO’s intellectual property will continue to be both a key opportunity and risk for ISO”

Click here to view the document.

Their own approach to continual improvement has flow-on effects for ISO members. As ISO works to strengthen their position in the marketplace it provides an ongoing benefit to those organisations that have obtained certification – the stronger ISO is, the more weight certification is given by others in the business sector.

So the question is – do you have ISO certification? There are real advantages to your position in the marketplace if you are recognised as meeting the ISO benchmarks.

ISO themselves don’t undertake certification, they remain independent by only setting the standards. Certification bodies like QMS are registered with JAS-ANZ to audit and certify Australia businesses.

If you would like to work with QMS Certification Services to work towards certification to ISO standards, please contact us.