WHS to have new international standard with the development of ISO 45001


ISO 45001 OHS WHSISO has chosen to develop a standard for workplace health and safety as they are hoping that the “ISO name and recognition will give further credibility to the standard and drive wider adoption.”

Feedback from the ISO Committee for ISO 45001 has stated that it will be linked closely to ISO 14001 as “many organisations, especially small businesses, have one person that looks after both safety and environmental concerns.”

The first draft was created in mid-2014, with the standard now at Committee Draft stage and expected to be launched later this year.

David Smith, Chairman of the committee developing the standard said that this project has had the participation of a wide variety of organisation and countries.

“Involvement from countries across the globe, from Europe and America, but also Africa, Asia and South America, will help us to create a tool that will work for everyone. We have also had strong involvement from the International Labour Organization(ILO), who are experts on the topic and have some very valuable insights to bring to the table. Of course, with this many stakeholders, the development work isn’t always easy and there are disagreements. But to have so many people involved has been wonderful and gives me hope that we are on track to providing a tool that can be used by any organisation, within any regulatory framework, in any country.”

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