Learn all about Quality & Safety Management Standards (plus internal auditing) with QMS Training


Businesses across Australia and the world understand the importance of management standards.

After all, it’s how businesses grow, improve their processes and increase their likelihood to win big tenders.

Quality and safety management is more than just slapping together some documentation, checking items off a checklist and calling it a day. It’s a business-wide commitment to improving the business, from the top down.

One of the best ways to help your business in the auditing and certification process is having a thorough understanding of what it is you’re committing to. There’s no point signing up to becoming certified before you’ve done all the groundwork, and understand the requirements of the standard.

There’s also the commitment and understanding your team needs to have to get this process off the ground.

The best way to do this is by completing training in the relevant certification standard. QMS offers training courses presented by experienced and dedicated trainers, who have years of experience in auditing and certifying businesses to different standards.

You’ll be in safe hands with our trainers.

What will I learn in quality management or safety management training course?

Our training days are designed to make the entire learning experience as enjoyable as possible. You will learn the ins and outs of the various clauses within the standard, so you will have a thorough understanding of how these clauses apply to various aspects of your business.

We aim to demystify all the nitpicky clauses for you, so you can go back to work and improve the way your business uses your quality management system. Our short courses also run you through Internal Audit Training on the second day, an incredibly valuable part of any successful quality management system.

You will have access to experienced auditors and trainers who can answer all your questions on improving your businesses’ approach to QMS, as well as meeting other like-minded professionals in the intimate training sessions.

This introductory course will provide participants with valuable knowledge and understanding of the Occupational health and safety management system standard ISO45001. Your trainer will help to unravel all the terms and principles into plain language that can be used by real people in everyday businesses and organisations.

What will I learn in an internal auditing training course?

Internal auditing is an absolutely critical skill set to have when your business has a safety or quality management system in place.

Internal auditing allows you to ensure compliance with the standards set out in your management system and keeps your business accountable to all systems and process initially laid out in the system.

Our trainers run you through the practical skills required to conduct an internal audit for the business, giving you the confidence to walk into your workplace with the knowledge required to conduct a thorough internal audit.

When are the next training course dates?

Our next quality management and internal auditing training courses are run on the following dates:

9th-10th April in Melbourne

18th-19th April in Brisbane

7th-8th May in Adelaide

Safety management training courses are run on the following dates:

11th April in Melbourne

18th April in Brisbane

9th May in Adelaide

13 June in Newcastle

Internal audit training courses are run on these dates:

10th April in Melbourne

17th April in Brisbane

8th May in Adelaide

12th June in Newcastle

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