NSW EMS Guidelines

environmental-management-systemsImproving Environmental Management Systems

The NSW Government Environmental Management System Guidelines (Edition 3 – August 2013) were developed to facilitate the achievement of improved environmental performance by the construction industry.

NSW Government Agencies may accept a Corporate Environmental Management System if they are provided with:
Evidence that the Corporate Environmental Management System was accredited in accordance with the NSW Government Environmental Management Systems Guidelines Edition 2 within the preceding three year period; or

  • An audit report by an Approved Assessor attesting that the Corporate Environmental Management System:
  • Complies with the documentation requirements of AS/NZS 14001:2004 Environmental management systems;
  • Appropriately comprehends all current Environmental Legislation and other Environmental requirements; and
  • Includes requirements for audit, by an Approved Assessor independent of the Contractor, of compliance, currency and effective implementation at intervals of not less than three years.